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Realtime watch on equipment grounding conditions

DEHNrecord SD EPMS offers real-time monitoring of various critical parameters such as grid earth resistance, earth to neutral voltage, earth integrity and earth leakage current which are of paramount importance to maintain healthy electrical environment in different type of earthed installations viz. TN-S, TN-C-S, TT, TN-C, and IT.

Safety & predictive maintenance on a click

A desire from the industry has always been to check the grid resistance and monitor the health of the connection of equipment's with earth grid on continuous basis. In case earth grid resistance goes beyond a set threshold value or the connection to earth is lost, the alarm should be sounded, and appropriate action should be taken automatically to isolate the equipment as per the requirement of the process. Moreover, the increase in Neutral to Earth voltage or increase in the leakage current are common problems in the field which cause downtimes of various vital equipment or cause unsafe conditions for the operating personnel.

One Touch IOT Platform

Web Server

The basic settings can be entered via the internal web server: parameter threshold settings, alarms configuration, trip delay

time, function disable/enable, channel mapping and location.

Modbus TCP

Device access via Ethernet interface enables access to parameters, threshold values, alarms and TCP/IP settings.

Cloud Access

The device can be configured via the DEHNmonitor EPMS. You have access to the real-time data, trends, report generation,

fault history, alarms & event monitoring and many more.


ㆍTrue RMS measurement of all critical parameters

ㆍOne touch IOT platform

ㆍ Realtime monitoring with alarms & events

ㆍ Intelligent diagnosis & data driven actions

ㆍPredictive Maintenance

ㆍEnhanced safety & improve reliability


***For full spec please contact us.***

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