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Power Distribution devices


Automatic Transfer Switch
"Your power, ALWAYS ON"

Constant power availability keeps your activity safe and efficient. At Socomec, we have been 
designing, manufacturing and testing switchgear since 1922 and guarantee safe, reliable and long 
lasting Transfer Switching Equipment (TSE) for your electrical installation. All our solutions are fully 
compliant with Class PC of IEC 60947-6-1, the international product standard for TSE.

"A high-quality power suapply"

Critical equipment requires an uninterrupted and continuously available  power supply, using energy of the highest quality. Our uninterruptible power supplies 
(UPS), static transfer systems (STS), energy storage systems and rectifiers comprise the most complete ranges in the world and cover a very wide variety of 
applications for every sector of activity.


Enclosed load break switches

COMO are load break switches that will 
make and break on load and provide isolation 
for any low voltage electrical circuit.  
COMO are now available in enclosed version 
incorporating three, four, six and eight-pole 
manually operated load break switches. 

-Compact design

- IP 65

- Safety of operations

-Wide range

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