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Energy Management Solution


Digital Power Meter

The most innovative electrical system measurement and analysis from SOCOMEC, France.Digiware It is a center of technological innovation. that revolutionized the world of electrical system measurement and analysis build flexibility High level comes to installation and makes connection and configuration easier.

These innovations come with excellent performance in terms of precision and functionality, making them the ideal solution. The most effective For measuring consumption and for measuring and monitoring Quality of electrical power in industrial and commercial applications Guaranteed measurement accuracy Guaranteed accuracy in accordance with IEC 61557-12 class 0.5 for the global measurement chain from 2 to 120% of In

Cloud Solution

Energy management system through the cloud It uses cloud computing technology to facilitate the management and control of energy use in an organization or business through the website. With cloud servers and cloud applications We can quickly and conveniently access data and reports on our energy use through a web browser. without having to install additional software on the user's machine

Energy Management Software

           "Energy saving begins with management."
Energy management system Through computer software, it is an important tool for organizations or businesses that want to control and improve energy use to be efficient and sustainable. With a wide range of capabilities and flexibility to customize according to your needs. Reduce costs and environmental impact It also helps in making decisions and planning to improve energy use to have better returns than ever before.
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