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Surge Protection Device


DEHN is a globally leading specialist in the field of lightning protection

and provider of smart protection solutions.

Made in Germany
DEHN Surge Counter
  • Power quality measurement according to EN 61000-4-30, class A

  • Event messages in the event of limit value violations as per EN 50160 and individually defined limit values 

  • Measurement of power-frequency overvoltages as per EN 50550 as well as undervoltages

  • Load profile and power measurement

  • Impulse current measurement up to 100kA with external sensor (8/20 µs & 10/350 µs)

  • Flexible communication links via RJ45 Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP protocol AND MQTT 3.1)

  • Efficient data handling based on edge computing

  • Integrated freely parameterisable digital inputs and outputs 

  • Installation benefits thanks to adaption to lightning current and surge arresters by means of a busbar

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